WlanJV Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs)

A common limitation to accessing high speed Internet is the lack of a direct wired connection to the source. It is very possible that you have DSL or Cable Internet access while your neighbor across the street does not. Becoming a WlanJV WISP JV makes it possible for you to provide your neighbor with high speed Internet by creating a Wireless ISP in your neighborhood.

Setup the Equipment and Sell

Mount a router on your premises and sell a strong signal access point device to those wishing to benefit from your WISP. Set a monthly price and away you go! Sign up as many clients as you can.

Get your ISPby Web Page!

ISPby web page advertises your Internet Service location. Click here to see an ISPby web page. A ISPby web page is included in the WLanJV licensing program.

Make $-Money-$ with a WlanJV WISP:
Contact usto to learn about becoming a Wlan JVA.