WLanJV offers an affiliate program for entities that would like to provide wireless Internet service to other people.

How Can We Compete?

Customers are fed up with big company run around, pressing buttons, and being told to go to the internet for customer service. WlanJV provides the wireless products and technical resources to get you started. As the local marketing partner you run the local wireless internet access business, providing local personalized sales and quality customer service. Provide people with a viable alternative to the big companies!

The Concept is Simple and Affordable

WLanJV licenses Joint Venue Associate (JVA) entrepreneurs to use the WLanJV Trademarks, Technology and Proprietary network equipment. The Licencing fee is $1,000.

JVA Options

WlanJV provides two options to our partners:

A hotspot is a device that serves out Internet access in an on-demand environment, usuallly for short periods of time. Example implementations include RV's and Cafe's. A WISP is a Wireless Internet Service Provider. This concept is based on selling Customer Premise Equipment devices (CPE's) to people who then connect to the Internet via a device at your location.
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